Unexpected iPhone 5 warranty surprise from Apple

I wrote in the last my post on qseekers.com <<CAN’T HEAR ME ON VOICE CALL (IPHONE 5)>> about my iPhone’s problem with the voice calls. First of all i tried to find solutions and to fix it by myself, but after all i brought my iPhone 5 to warranty service.

After 10 days waiting, i’ve got an answer from the service that my phone won’t be fixed and i will get a brand new telephone from Apple.

I didn’t expected this, but from other side it is really good decision from Apple, because in 1,5 years time my telephone doesn’t look nice, scratched and looked ugly. When you pay 1000$ for telephone you expect that it will be good at all positions.

So again, thanks for Apple for great news and brand new telephone iPhone 5!

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