How to convert MOV to MP4 on MAC OS – best video converter If you’re using MacOS, in some cases there might be a problem with video files – converting MOV to MP4. And there might be a need to convert it from MOV to MP4 (or other format). In my case there was a problem with Adobe After Effects. I am using it, creating videos, everything is […] Read More

What to do if you get cold?

After hot summer comes Autumn with Winter and they bring us rain, snow, cold weather, up and down temperature. With this, our body have to fight against illness and most of us catch some bacteria, get cold, and to fight against illness we usually take medicine. But what to do if you don’t want to use medicine, don’t […]

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Which sink is the best for the kitchen?

If you are looking for a sink you must be interesting which sink is the best  for your kitchen? Yes, there are many brands of kitchen sink, like: AmericanStandard, Astracast, BelleForet, Blanco, BootzIndustries, Brasstech, Cantrio, Carlisle, ChefBuddy, Chef’sPlanet, DANCO, Danver, Delta, DesignHouse, ECOSINKS, Elkay, EverLoc, FilamentDesign, Franke, Frigidaire, GlacierBay, GriffinProducts, HouseholdEssentials, HOUZER, Imperial, JosephJoseph, JSGOceana, Karran, […]

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How to treat herpes?

The most common disease from Herpes is for our lips and we want to treat it as soon as it possible. Herpes is a viral disease from the herpesviridae family, it’s divided into two types: – HSV-1 for the mouth, lips, throut, face, eye and central nervous system infections; – HSV-2 for the anogenital infections. There are […]

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