BMW 5 F10 scratched NAV screen problem. Solved.

medikament Seroquel If you read this article you probably love your BMW, but no one is perfect so BMW also has some problems. Today we will show you how to solve the problem with scratched navigation screen in your BMW.

If you have this problem the BMW retailer will tell you the only way – to change all the screen which will cost around ±2000 EUR. But why to spend this amount of money if you can fix it for ±15 EUR?

I had this problem and i was searching how to solve this problem and found a solution. The solution is to put the ultra-thin film (navigation screen protector) with only 0.2 mm thickness on your navigation screen.

I’ve read a lot about companies who sells screen protectors and found the best – LEXERD. Here is the link for my BMW 5 F10 NAV professional screen protector:
It’s written that its for BMW 750, but perfectly fits for BMW F10 NAV pro.

This problem is not only for BMW 5 F10, but also for new models of X5, 7, 6 and others. So BMW made good car with poor NAV protection.

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