Adsense CPC decreased. Solved.

I earn with Adsense from 2007, in 7 years period were many changes in Adsense and it was easy to fix them, but in 2013-14 i noticed that the algorithm of Adsense has totally changed and you need to find absolutely new ways to increase your Adsense CPC and earnings.

There are many reasons why your CPC decreased, but here i will share you tips how i increased my Adsense CPC:

– make responsive web design to your site;
– in Adsense create and show Responsive ads OR at least use most popular formats: 728×90, 336×280, 300×250, 300×600. But in my practise Responsive ad type has won and increased CPC. Read some information about responsive ad units;
– create as many custom channels in Adsense as you have categories (their pages), sections (their pages), later you will have to test all the positions and decide in which section to do changes with ad format, type, color;
– use A/B testing with Adsense Experiments;
– you must know which type of ad is the best for you: text/image, text only, image only. So make a test. I noticed that in some case is better text only in some text/image. You have to test and to know which is the best for you;
– if you use text ads, so there is huge difference between text ads colors. For example, red text color can bring 10 times better CTR than grey color, automatically it brings better CPC;
– better CTR gives better CPC.

Here i wrote the practices i made, which gave me better CPC and more earnings.

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