Two and a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher and without Charlie Sheen

…No Charlie, No party

As we all know in one of the most popular TV series Two and a Half Men we won’t see Charlie Sheen anymore, instead of him they hired famous american actor  Ashton Kutcher.  From 1st to 9th season Charlie Sheen made Two and a Half Men TV series show as premium product in the whole world.

In the 9th season when TV series was on the top of the famous and Charlie Sheen was earning 2 million dollars per show, Chuck Lorre fired him because of drugs, alcohol and non respect for the whole Two and a Half Men team. Yes, the decision he made was right, but the question we have another: Is Ashton Kutcher the right choice in this show?

We think that wasn’t right  choice, because the ratings of the show decreased, it is not so much funny as it was (it is only our opinion), and the most important we have new group of people “Bring back Charlie”.
CBS also sees this and decided that 12th season will be the last. They will have to look up for new tv show instead popular show Two and a Half Men.

Some comments from “Bring back Charlie” crowd:

“Ashton Kutcher is a great actor,but he isn’t the right one to replace Charlie.”

“Yes the show is decent but without charlie and jake its just a different show.”

“Are you kidding me? This is a garbage show without Charlie and Jake! Ashton is an amazing actor, but not for that part.”

“This show was my favorite, now it sucks.”

“No charlie no party.”

“I don’t watch it since “Charlie” left.”

“Not a decent show without Charlie.”

“Bring back CHARLIE SHEEN!”

“Two and a Half has never been the same without Charlie. I quit watching it 15 minutes after the first episode appeared without Charlie.”

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