How to treat herpes?

The most common disease from Herpes is for our lips and we want to treat it as soon as it possible. Herpes is a viral disease from the herpesviridae family, it’s divided buy Lyrica online from mexico into two types:

buy Ivermectin europe HSV-1 for the mouth, lips, throut, face, eye and central nervous system infections;
HSV-2 for the anogenital infections.

There are many theoretical treatments of herpes for lips as: ice, medical drugs,  honey, toothpaste but with these tips our team didn’t feel so good effect as using Invisible Cold Patch. There are many companies offering Invisible Cold Patches, they are ultra thin so it won’t be visible, also on the Patch there are some special medicine which treats.

Our advices using Invisible Cold Patches:
– when you feel you’ve got Herpes, go buy Invisible Patches and put it on your lips as soon as it possible;
– if your herpes is not very big, use half of patch. Usually this product comes in small circle form patches, cut it into two peaces. Because one circle may be too big for one spot of herpes, the half of circle is perfect, not too big not too small;
– first two days of illness change the patch two times a day. Third day put one Patch till the evening, then put it off and sleep without it. If herpes still there, repeat the third day. It is very important after two and a half days to sleep without Patch, herpes needs to get dry.

Hope it was helpfully for you. If you have questions, ask in the comments. Was useful? Like and share us.

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