Apple – OS X Yosemite very slow

If you wondering what to do if your macbook after update from OS X Mavericks to OS X Yosemite is VERY SLOW, the answer is simple – buy new MacBook or upgrade hardware (not sure if it works).

We did research in company who has many 2011-2012 Macbooks with 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7, 4GB or 8GB memory. The result was very disappointing, all the computers after update to Yosemite were very slow. We had to think about fast solution, we tried to do some tricks with turning off some Yosemite graphic features, but after 2 weeks trying we noticed, that our team losing time when works with slow macs. We had three choices – to buy new computers, some extra hardware or to reinstall all the computers to Old OS X version – Snow Leopard.

We chose the cheapest – reinstall company’s Macbooks. The result was stunning, after two weeks SLOW work, everyone were so happy about fast working computers.

So, if your mac released until 2012 and your computer’s specifications are less than we mentioned – don’t install Yosemite. Stay with Mavericks, or Snow Leopard.

With Mavericks or Snow Leopard you will have some troubles with newest software from Apple, but it’s better to have fast computer, than all the time to look at spinning rainbow circle.

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  1. true, Yosemite really slow, and they don’t care if you have “old” mac with core I7 processor, it’s slow!

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